Some of our case studies

We've picked out a few case studies to highlight the different types of property investment we've been working on recently. We love sharing the lessons learned and insights we've developed along the way so if any of these case studies are interesting get in touch, we'd love to share more.

97% uplift on new property in Essex

We bought a 2 bedroom flat in the heart of Essex, working with the local estate agent we were able to negotiate an outstanding price and rental. We spotted the opportunity before it came into the market. The value has now risen 97% to £375k in only 4 years & delivers net cash flow (after all costs and mortgage) of £900/month!  Significant capital growth & cash flow in one deal!

Single let to HMO conversion - Excellent rental return and capital growth

We completed a full renovation of a single-let property into a modern, well-furnished house of multiple occupants (HMO) 3 years ago. This boosted the value of the property up to £650k, an increase of over 95% and it now generates a net income of £2024 per month - the ROI was 49%. Talk about giving up your day job!

Our first Manchester HMO conversion project

In 2018 we worked with some excellent local partners to convert a single-let property in Greater Manchester to a house of multiple occupants (HMO). The high standard of the conversion, paired with the strong rental demand in the area has meant the property has doubled in value to £230k and generates a net income of £1050 per month. We took out all the money we put into the deal within 9 months! Well on our way to financial freedom.

Working with commercial properties to unlock capital growth and income

In early 2021 (yes during the pandemic) we completed on two separate transactions in the commercial property sector. A mixed use premises in Surrey and group of retail units in Stevenage have seen their value increase by 15% in the last 3 months to October 2021 with no direct incremental investment from us. The properties also generate over £3,100 net profit per month. 

We also used our Pension to leverage funds to purchase properties. You don't have to wait until 55 to access your pension funds for smart investment. Let's get creative.


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